Black Cat Truffles

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Fresh Black Truffle

Premium quality fresh Black Perigord Truffle grown here in Victoria,

Seasonally available from mid-June until mid-August.

                            SOLD OUT - see you next June!


Price per gram :

Price :

$12.00 ea

Truffle Salt

With 10% of our own fresh winter truffle, mixed with the subtlety of Sea Salt. Milder than ordinary table salt, so you can afford to be generous with this one. Sprinkle it over eggs, potato or steak to release the truffle flavour. It will last up to a year.  


$20.00 ea



Truffle Oil - 100ml

We have tried many truffle oil over the years and this one is our favourite. Mild and not overpowering, it's a pleasure even as a dipping oil or added to a creamy pasta dish. When you can't get the real deal, this is your best friend in the kitchen.  



Truffle Shaver

We found this fantastic design in Europe and had them emblazoned with our black cat logo. A stylish way to slice your truffle as thin as can be to maximise the flavour potential.