Black Cat Truffles

  We have crafted a range of truffle products that we think you will enjoy. Each with its own unique distinct and captivating flavour.


Our Black Winter Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) fresh from our own truffiere. Packaged and shipped to you anywhere in Australia. Come and experience one of our hunts to find out all about this earthly delight

Truffle Salt

With 10% of our own fresh winter truffle, mixed with the subtlety of Salt Flakes. Milder than ordinary table salt, so you can afford to be generous with this one. Sprinkle it over eggs, potato or steak to release the truffle flavour. It will last up to a year.

Truffle Oil

As Sol says “Oils ain’t oils…”. We have tried many truffle oils made here in Australia and overseas and this one is our favourite. Mild yet flavoursome, it can be used directly as a dipping oil or use it in cooking to add that great truffle taste.

Please note that nearly all truffle oils use truffle ‘essense’, not real truffle.

Truffle Butter

With 7% of our own fresh winter truffle, this is one of the easiest and best ways of enjoying that fabulous truffle taste. Just spread it over a fresh baguette for an instant truffle explosion, add it to your cooking or put a dollop over steaming baked potatoes., or even a steak. It has the added benefit of extending your truffle season for up to 3 months if kept frozen.


Truffle Mustard

We have added 5% truffle to a lovely French Dijon mustard which adds a delicate flavour to spice up your meals

Truffled Ice Cream

For those of you that have tasted our home made truffled ice-cream at our truffle hunts and tastings, you know how good this one is. It packs a wallop of truffle flavour - simply divine.


Truffle shavers

We found this fantastic design in Europe and had them emblazoned with our black cat logo. A stylish way to slice your truffle as thin as can be to maximise the flavour potential.

Truffle Hunts and Hunts’n’Lunch

Join us in our truffiere for a hunt and tastings, or join one of our select events with inspired chefs at local restaurants.


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